Pile foundations have always been the core part of our business. With experience that includes foundation work for high-rise buildings, bridges, elevated / underground metro rails, flyovers, refineries, industrial structures, plants, warehouses, as well as marine structures, Indiana Build Infrastructure has become the pile foundation contractor of choice for many companies and their engineers. Since the inception of the company, we have been focused on providing various types of pile foundations (size ranging from 150 mm dia to 1800 mm dia), such as Bored Cast-in-Stiu Piles, Precast Pre-bored Piles, Bored Piles using DMC (Direct Mud Circulation) or RMC (Reverse Mud Circulation) method, Micro Piles, Soldier Piles and Secant Piles. We also have expertise in construction of Diaphragm Walls, Stone Column works and on-shore / off-shore Geo-technical Investigations. Our specialized team is capable of analyzing the geo-technical investigation results to arrive at an economical and sound design for pile foundation works.